Massage - black eye from the source solution
Time:2013/6/7 8:46:02
With age, the skin around the eye problem after another, dark circles is one big problem, just use the eye cream is not enough, if coupled with the right massage method, then will go without a trace of dark circles !
step1 first with the ring finger in the eye by head position, in order to gently massage the fingers along the lower eyelid.
step2 gentle efforts to massage the temples position, then press the back eye inward temple head position. Repeat 5-10 times.
step3 then the thumb into the eye head position.
step4 to thumb down corner position, and finally as a circular motion like the temples on both sides to move outward, massage repeated 5-10 times.
tips: 1, the intensity of massage must be gentle, but with the eye cream to use, avoid vigorously pull the skin and prevent wrinkles appear. 2, if the eye wrinkles, it will seem old feeling, so to insist on a daily eye massage.