Company Profile
Hong Kong International Group Yuoxo★Shenzhen Yuoxo Technology Co.,LTD,was founded in 1995.Yuoxo Technology is a portable personal health care product development,production,sales as a whole network of diverse,integrated multi national corporations,Commitment to R&D and production of a series of meaningful,innovative portable personal health care products to improve people's quality of life.

As leader of the world of portable personal health care products,Yuoxo brand will continue to introduce cutting-edge fashion philosophy of health care,continuous innovation to keep products up-to-date to meet the needs of consumers.And"Yuoxo-Read A Dream"brand promise,it is technology and design into people-oriented solutions.

Yuoxo headquartered in Hong Kong as an international group in the world more than 50 countries and regions with more than 800 dealers,covering the world's large and medium-sized and small cities,can be resolved quickly due to product quality problems caused by customer dissatisfaction.

Group currently has more than 30 registered patents,which fully demonstrates the nature of the company's innovation.In today's world,science and technology increasingly affect every aspect of people's lives.We hope that through"Yuoxo-Read A Dream",our brand promise to provide consumers with"innovation and technology,users enjoy the natural and the needs of design"solutions that enable people from the innovation and technological progress to benefit.

Our mission:
To enhance and improve the quality of life of people and constantly providing new value,high-quality,high-performance products and services for human progress towards a more harmonious socialist modernization and make contributions.

Enterprise Vision:
strive to build a diversified business and market diversification,with the world's most influential manufacturers and the world's most influential brand;

Yuoxo Technology would like to strive to become the world's influential brand in China.